Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Later This Week

I apologize for the sparse posting, but I've been busy for the last couple of days. I do plan on hitting a couple of topics later in the week, though, so don't go anywhere. The first thing I want to talk about is the increasingly weird Lance Stephenson situation, and why it seems like teams are more loathe to go after him than they are after John Wall, which seems somewhat counter-intuitive after the trouble that Wall has gotten himself into lately.

There are other recruiting situations to talk about, although no announcements have been made in the past week or so that will have any effect on the BP65 for now. There should also be some more updates on the draft status of players. We've only got about a month to go before final decisions have to be made, and some players have already made theirs.

I hope to have my next post up by Thursday afternoon at the latest.


Anonymous said...

The John Wall breaking and entering is tame compared to some of the stuff floating out there about Lance Stephenson. And I'm not talking about the sexual attack charges. I think that's the reason for reluctance that you mentioned.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I'm going to talk about those issues. I also think that the sexual assault claims are much ado about nothing, because at this point I haven't seen any hard evidence that there is merit to the claims (I'll do some more research on that as I put my next post together, but at least at this point I haven't found anything). I do think it's more about his father and the culture that his father has instilled in him more than anything else.

Is that what you've heard as well?