Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009-10 Gameday Sites

AwfulAnnouncing has the 2009-10 ESPN College Gameday sites here. Most of the games should be fairly good, although I don't think anybody is surprised that the one team getting on the list twice is Duke.

I do generally enjoy when Gameday goes to an odd location, like an Ivy League game - because it mixes things up and allows casual fans to learn a bit about what goes on in smaller conferences - but opening up at the site of a women's game is stupid. That's the one week I don't get, especially since it's the first week of the show and you figure that you don't want to turn off new fans by hitting them first with a game that they're not going to care about.

It's going to be the same team of guys as last season, which means that you're going to get to claw your eyes out when Hubert Davis or Digger Phelps give analysis (I'll give you three guesses on which team Phelps will pick to take that women's game), but you'll also get to have Bob Knight (who is great) and Jay Bilas (who is hit-or-miss, but occasionally very good).

In the end, I always enjoy waking up on Saturdays to College Gameday, both for college football and college basketball. It always gets me psyched up for the games. And at least here in the Midwest it's on early enough in the morning that you don't wake up and stare at the clock counting down the minutes until there's something good to watch. And since I figure a lot of you guys feel the same way, I thought you'd care to see the schedule as well.

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