Saturday, August 01, 2009

NCAA Tournament In August

Looking for something to put on television on a lazy Saturday afternoon in August? Well the CBS College Sports Network (the former CSTV) is replaying a whole bunch of games from the 2009 Tournament. As I type this I just flipped it on to watch the final five minutes of Tennessee/Oklahoma State. The remainder of the evening schedule is Wisconsin/FSU, Gonzaga/WKU and Siena/OSU, three of the best games from the first weekend (the complete schedule is here).

I don't think that even I could sit through six straight hours of sporting events where I know the results, but if you don't think I'm turning back to CBS College Sports (if possible) for the end of all of these games you're nuts.

I'll be working on the 2010/11 Big Ten early preview this afternoon, and hopefully will have it up and posted by the end of today. I am busy all day tomorrow and will have no time to work on the site, and I leave for vacation Friday morning, so today is the day to do some work on the site. Hopefully watching some of these games will help keep me motivated.

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