Friday, September 03, 2010

Six Weeks To Midnight Madness

We're in a quiet time for college hoops. All of the big high school graduates have signed, all of the big transfers have happened, and college football, the NFL and Major League Baseball have stolen the spotlight. There isn't much in the way of news, which is why posting has been light.

But we're exactly six weeks away from Midnight Madness, and almost exactly two months away from the first regular season games. So we're getting close.

Posting here will continue to be light for the next few weeks, but it will pick up as we get close to Midnight Madness. I will post my next BP68 within a week of Midnight Madness. And soon after that I'll begin previewing the first games of the regular season, including all of the major early season tournaments. I'll also be previewing ESPN's wonderful 24 hours of hoops, which they're repeating after how successful it was last season (this year it will be held on November 16th - the full schedule is here).

So there's plenty ahead. And we're getting very close to the beginning of another college basketball season.

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