Sunday, February 20, 2011

Upcoming Posts

Just wanted to give readers a quick guide to what's going to be coming up soon. Obviously the game recaps will continue as they have all season. For the next two weeks we'll have a BP68 published after games are complete on Wednesday and Saturday night.

I will also continue two features that were liked last season. First, I will have a full conference tournament calendar and conference tournament previews (last year's is here). I'll post that either next Sunday or the following Monday. Also, once we get into that week I'll begin posting daily bubble updates (see here for an example of what that looks like).

So to recap, this coming week will be like the past few weeks have been. But the following week will be the start of the conference tournaments, and I'll start ramping up my posting for that.


Unknown said...

Jeff - Will you be giving your predictions for certain games of the tournaments? Conference and NCAA?

Jeff said...

I'll have extensive NCAA Tournament previews, just like last season.