Monday, July 04, 2011


I've finally given in and gotten the blog a twitter account. I figured I might as well grab one before all the good user names are gone. "Basketball_Predictions" is obviously too long of a handle, so I decided to go with "BP__Blog" (that's a second underscore, because "BP_Blog" with one underscore was taken by somebody with four followers who hasn't posted in three years). I'm willing to listen to better ideas, though. I've got a little widget on the top left hand corner of the page with the most recent tweets.

The advantages of the twitter account are two-fold. One, it allows me to have much more in the way of in-game conversations with you, the readers. It should be particularly fun once we hit tournament season in March and April. Two, it's a way for you the readers to share this blog with your friends. I've intentionally put in zero effort promoting this blog - people find it on their own, or are introduced to it by their friends. I'm not doing this to make money, and don't care how many pageviews I get. But the more people I can discuss college baskeball with the better.

Like the blog itself, things will be light for the next few months, before picking up for the new season in October.

I'll see you all in the Twitterverse.


Anonymous said...

bppredict? bp_predict?

Jeff said...

Hm... I like those ideas. I guess I can still spend the next few months tweaking the name before I need to pick one...