Monday, September 05, 2011

JT Terrell Leaves Wake Forest

Just three days ago I wrote a suggestion that Wake Forest is hitting rock bottom, and I was actually suggesting that this was a good sign for the Demon Deacons. Things can't really go much worse over a 12 month period for a program than they have for Wake Forest, save perhaps a gigantic program-wide scandal (Miami and Baylor in recent years would be examples of that latter case).

The bad apples are continuing to get pushed out the door, and the latest is JT Terrell, who is gone from the program after a DWI charge. Terrell was the second-leading scorer as a freshman in 2010-11, if something of a ball hog. He took 29.3% of his team's shots while on the floor, which was fifth highest in the ACC behind Nolan Smith, Harrison Barnes, Iman Shumpert and Joe Trapani. All four of those players were much more efficient with their shots than Terrell, who had only a 45.6 eFG%. But players like that tend to gain efficiency and maturity over their four years, and there's no question that Terrell would have eventually been a very good player if he could have behaved himself.

But it's all about the future now for Wake Forest. They're just about a lock for last place in the ACC this coming season, and everything has to be about developing what's left of their 2010 recruiting class, and what looks to be a decent 2011 class. The program has to take baby steps, and just has to get some sense of forward momentum, or Bzdelik will soon find himself on the hot seat. Wake Forest fans don't have the irrational expectations that NC State fans have, but it's still a basketball school that won't tolerate too much more time in the ACC basement.

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