Saturday, October 08, 2011

What's Coming Up Soon

Check your watch: we're less than a week from Midnight Madness, which tips off on Friday night. Teams will begin exhibition games not too long after (it's impossible to get a full schedule of every team's exhibition slate, but some schools will start as early as around October 20th). Remember, these games are about observing individual players - to look at the new freshmen and transfers, the players back from injury, or just how returning players have improved. Whatever you do, do not judge teams by the scores of their exhibition games or I'll have to write another post like this.

Regular season games will begin on Monday, November 7th with the opening rounds of the Coaches vs Cancer Classic. Remember that Coaches vs Cancer has special approval to begin the season early - the regular season begins for everybody else on Friday, November 11th.

Around a week from now I'll have my next BP68, accounting for injuries, transfers and other news since my last bracket projection nearly three months ago. As we get closer to the start of the regular season I'll start previewing the first week of games. I'll talk about which games to watch, either as a first chance to see some new player, or as a game that actually can build or harm a Tournament resume (every game counts in November, even in November).

And take note, the "W-17 BP68" is scheduled for November 13th. That marks 17 weeks until Selection Sunday. Doesn't seem too long, does it? Excited to get started? Me too. Here we go.


Anonymous said...

anxiously awaiting..

Anonymous said...

Hello jeff, i have a question. Pittburgh and Syracuse will play this season (2011-2012) in the ACC?

Jeff said...

No, the 2011-12 conference schedules are already set. Pitt and Syracuse will play in the Big East. There's a good chance that both teams will play in the ACC in the 2012-13 season, though.