Sunday, February 26, 2012

Complete 2012 Conference Tournament Previews

Below is my annual conference tournament preview post. As in the past, there are two things below. First, a calendar. You can come back and check this calendar each day to see which conferences are playing, and what games they'll be playing. Want to avoid opening round games and just watch whichever conferences have semis and finals that night? That info will be in the calendar.

Below the calendar are the tournament previews themselves. When this post initially goes live, not all of the previews will be completed. I want to wait until the brackets are all set so I can give a proper breakdown of key match-ups. So first up will be the conference tournaments that tip off this coming week.

To begin, here is the calendar:

Monday, February 27th:
First Round: Big South

Tuesday, February 28th:
First Round: Horizon

Wednesday, February 29th:
Quarterfinals: Atlantic Sun, Big South, Patriot
First Round: OVC, WCC

Thursday, March 1st:
Semifinals: Big South
Quarterfinals: Atlantic Sun, NEC, OVC
Second Round: WCC
First Round: America East, Missouri Valley

Friday, March 2nd:
Semifinals: Atlantic Sun, OVC
Quarterfinals: Horizon, Missouri Valley, WCC
First Round: Colonial, MAAC, SoCon

Saturday, March 3rd:
Championship: Atlantic Sun, Big South, OVC
Semifinals: Horizon, Missouri Valley, Patriot, WCC
Quarterfinals: America East, Big Sky, Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, Summit
First Round: Sun Belt

Sunday, March 4th:
Championship:, Missouri Valley
Semifinals: America East, Colonial, MAAC, NEC, SoCon
Quarterfinals: Summit, Sun Belt

Monday, March 5th:
Championship: Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, WCC
Semifinals: Summit, Sun Belt
First Round: MAC

Tuesday, March 6th:
Championship: Horizon, Summit, Sun Belt
Semifinals: Big Sky
First Round: Atlantic Ten, Big East, MEAC

Wednesday, March 7th:
Championship: Big Sky, NEC, Patriot
Quarterfinals: MEAC, Southland, SWAC
Second Round: Big East, MAC
First Round: Big 12, Conference USA, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-12

Thursday, March 8th:
Semifinals: Southland
Quarterfinals: Big East, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, SWAC, WAC
First Round: ACC, Big Ten, SEC

Friday, March 9th:
Semifinals: Big East, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, SWAC, WAC
Quarterfinals: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Saturday, March 10th:
Championship: America East, Big East, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, Southland, SWAC, WAC
Semifinals: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Sunday, March 11th:
Championship: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Conference Tournament Previews:

America East
Atlantic Sun
Atlantic Ten
Big East
Big Sky
Big South
Big Ten
Big 12
Big West
Conference USA
Missouri Valley
Mountain West
Patriot League
Sun Belt

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