Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2012-13 Conference Previews

 It's the offseason, both for college basketball and for this blog. I needed a few weeks to recuperate after the long season. After all of the Tournament coverage and my conference previews, I also had to catch up on my real life.

Like past years, this blog won't be going dark over the summer. I'll continue to post about signings, transfers, and anything else notable that happens.

I have gotten criticism in the past for doing my conference previews so early. Even though this post is going up May 1st, all of the conference previews you see below were completed by the night of April 9th. But these previews are a starting point. As things change over the summer, I'll move teams up and down the BP68. My preseason BP68 can be seen here. I'll have another one posted the week of the NBA Draft.

So check out the conference previews below. And click on the conference tags on the left side of this website to see all of the posts I've put up about each conference since these previews. As I said, I'll keep modifying my rankings throughout the offseason.

Without further ado, my full 2012-13 previews:

America East
Atlantic Sun
Atlantic Ten
Big East
Big Sky
Big South
Big Ten
Big 12
Big West
Conference USA
Ivy League
Missouri Valley
Mountain West
Ohio Valley
Patriot League
Sun Belt


Chris said...

Looks like you may need to update the A-10 conference preview. I for one couldn't be more excited about this upcoming season. A-10 getting 5 teams in the tourny?

Jeff said...

These teams moving all over the place with only a couple of months to change the schedules are making this process insane. I feel like I need to wait a few more weeks for this to finish playing out. How can I update conference previews if the teams in the conferences might change again next week?