Saturday, September 29, 2012

College Basketball Embracing Advanced Analysis

I've written many times before about how much more advanced statistics and advanced analysis has taken hold in college basketball than college football. But I was just recently visiting the ESPN college basketball blog and enjoyed just how nonchalant it all is. On consecutive days, different writers covered Ken Pomeroy's new "comeback score" system, and detailed some of the ways to game the obsolete RPI.

To put that in perspective - mainstream college football analysis isn't even ready to handle something like the RPI. I tweeted recently about how the Coaches Poll dropped a Top 10 team only one fewer spot for losing on the road to a Top 10 opponent than they dropped a different Top 10 team for losing at home to a Sun Belt team. Even the RPI wouldn't screw that up so badly.

So enjoy the fact that on this blog and many other places we can discuss the merits of teams and players without mind-numbing stupidity like "Team A has 1 loss, and therefore is clearly better than 2-loss Team B" or "Team A beat Team B in a bowl game last year, so therefore Team A's conference is superior".

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