Sunday, November 26, 2006

W-15 BP65

A lot of great action these last couple of days that I want to talk about, but I'll have to get to it later tonight. For now, it's time for your weekly dose of the BP65. Obviously, some schools are moving up, like Butler. Other schools are not going to free-fall for one game. I don't understand people that have Texas free-falling in their brackets to something like a 7-seed. Relax, it's only November. Moving on:

1. North Carolina
1. Florida
1. LSU

2. Ohio State
2. Duke
2. Arizona
2. Kansas

3. Texas
3. Georgetown
3. Wisconsin
3. Alabama

4. Pittsburgh
4. Memphis
4. Boston College

5. Kentucky
5. Texas A&M
5. Syracuse
5. UConn

6. California
6. Tennessee
6. Gonzaga

7. Virginia
7. Villanova
7. Maryland
7. Michigan State

8. Nevada

8. Georgia Tech
Wichita State
8. Arkansas

9. Creighton
9. Texas Tech
9. UAB
9. Southern Illinois

10. Michigan
10. Oklahoma State
10. Xavier
10. Stanford

11. San Diego State
11. Iowa
11. Missouri State
11. Oregon

12. Butler
12. Florida State
12. Air Force
12. BYU

13. Akron
13. Bucknell
13. Montana

14. Marist
14. Vermont
14. Penn
14. Western Kentucky

15. Oral Roberts
15. Long Beach State
15. Delaware State
15. Belmont

16. Furman
16. Sam Houston State
16. Jackson State
16. Samford
16. Robert Morris


Anonymous said...

Are you serious?? You gave Pitt a number 4?? this team is sick good! Levance Fields and Antonio Graves start. Fields is a young Khalid El-Amin. Graves scores left and right and has stepped it up this year. Ramon comes off the bench as the best 6th man in the country, and it looks like the best 3 point shooter. Mike Cook comes in and is a straight scorer. He plays sweet D too. Sam Young is a great athlete and can match up with ANYONE. (Not the scorer rush is, but just as athletic) Levon Kendall is a great defensive player and is fundamental. Gray is a load and looks much better than last year. He is really hustling this year. Biggs is making a big deal too. he is a load and is scoring from inside and out. Gilbert Brown is getting recovered now and is ready to step in and become another scorer off the bench too.
Name one team that has that much depth. They shoot the three.. They beat the heck out of teams on the board and inside. They can play halfcourt and run. They play the best D in the country. They ARE the team to beat this year.
PLUS they lose krauser who just screwed them over left and right last year.

AdamL said...

i forgot Keith Benjamin.. He is another player that just gets hot, and can be scary good if he is on.

I look and you say that it is a good year for the ACC? you serious?
Marquette beats Duke and looked alot better. UNC loses to Gonzaga.. GONZAGA?? highly overrated. The number 3 team GT is doing alright, but is no top 10 team. Florida State was predicted 4th in the ACC and Pitt beat them by 22 and led by 30 almost the whole game.. ACC is definitely DOWN this year... they look awful.

Bic said...

I agree with anonymous, this Pitt team is the best they've had in years, maybe ever in school history. Their depth is amazing and after watching Pitt, UNC, Florida, and Kansas I can say that they all look like pretty even matchups, no team is a ton better than any other.

Jeff said...

Pitt has a lot of talent, but so do several dozen other teams. In November, there are probably 25 schools that have fans who think their team deserves a 1/2 seed. Obviously Pitt has looked good so far - but seeing as how their biggest win is over a Florida State team that might not finish in the top half of the ACC, there's no reason to overreact. Besides, I find it hard to believe that Pitt isn't going to miss Carl Krauser's experience in the clutch. In big games, they always looked to him for calmness and motivation. It seems like the first season this century that Krauser hasn't been there. Let's see how Pitt handles a trip to Madison in three weeks. A win there might get them up to a #2 seed.

Something that Pitt has going for it is that the Big East is not looking nearly as good as it was last year. And you know that the Selection Committee has to put atleast one team in the top 2 seeds. Now that you bring it up, it was probably a mistake to not have a Big East team as a #2 seed. I moved Georgetown down for a bad week and didn't think Pitt did enough yet to move up that far. At this point I give Georgetown the slight edge to get that #1/#2 seed. But Pitt certainly has looked atleast as good as Georgetown early on.

Anonymous said...

Jeff you are crazy... all Krauser did was shoot the ball with his eyes closed and HAND the other team the ball. He did not know how to play team basketball especially with the players he had beside him last year.

And if Florida star was picked to finish 4th in the ACC, i can't wait for Pitt to play the better teams in the conference cause Pitt's defense is the best in the nation. Pitt basically stopped playing once they had a 36 pt lead. And they still ended up winning by 22. They could have won by 45 against that team.

I just had to laugh when i heard what Jeff said about Krauser. hahaha and i thought i should expand on my opinions about this great PITT team that definitely deserved that #1 ranking.

I hope you were kidding Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Pitt is a top 4 team

Anonymous said...

Rule Number 76: Jeff is an idiot

Anonymous said...

This is very bad. Pitt is a good team this year. I am a Kansas fan and my roomie has season tickets to Pitt. I went to see them play Florida State, and i hate to say it, but Pitt is pretty equal to Kansas. They are the best team i have seen in the country this year. I think we have much more talent, but they play so well all around. The team is very unselfish and just plays fundamental basketball.
My big thing is Duke though. I watched Marquette rape Duke up and down the floor. How do you give them a number 2? They dont even have much talent this year.
I thought you were an ACC fan with UNC 1.. and Duke 2... Clearly not, because FSU was predicted to have there best year in a long time and finish fourth in the ACC and Pitt beat them bad.
Georgetown has looked horrible this year. I have watched them twice. They dont know what is going on. SLOPPY SLOPPY SLOPPY. the big men are good, but the backcourt is awful.
I would say that you really have your seedings MESSED UP. You should probably learn a little more about college basketball, before you start blogging.

Anonymous said...

Cal of PA had 3 preseason games.. They lost to maryland by 1. Lost to Alabama by like 7, but it was really really close the whole game. Pitt destroyed them

Anonymous said...

"Rule Number 76: Jeff is an idiot"

Then what is he? Maybe he should do some research before just spitting out team and putting numbers by their names. And especially his comment about Krauser.

And dan evans... is your comment about Pitt or Kansas?