Monday, November 26, 2007

New Sponsorship & Partnership

I'd like to take a brief moment to talk about something other than the most recent results. First of all, many of you have noticed my new sponsor in the "Sponsors" section (right underneath the "Partner Websites" section). TickCo is a direct competitor of Stubhub, and the two sites seem to be basically identical. So if you want to buy tickets to events, do me a favor and buy them through the link on my blog. Everything I post on this blog is free, and I don't ever ask for any money from anybody. I put a lot of time into this, and a little bit of sponsorship money helps. I don't get a piece of each sale (my payment is a flat yearly fee), but the more of you who buy tickets through TickCo the more likely they'll want to continue our relationship. You're going to be buying tickets anyway, so help me out by buying them through my link.

Also, I've been invited to take part in The idea will be to write a longer column once every week or two on a deeper issue. Everything that I write there will be simul-posted here as well, so there won't be anything that I write that won't be available here. But it looks like an interesting community, and something that people who visit here might want to be part of as well. My first blog post is up, and as promised, here it is:

I'd like to introduce myself to My name is Jeff and I run the website BasketballPredictions. I was invited here by "TM" in what I hope will be a symbiotic relationship.

I'm not going to post here daily, because anybody who wants my daily updates can just visit my blog. What I plan on doing is to write weekly or bi-weekly columns where I can go in-depth into real issues. I'm not going to have any "These are who I think are the Top 5 teams in the country" posts, because I don't think that really adds anything. A few ideas that I've already begun to flesh out will be discussions on:

1) Different approaches to "bracketology"
2) Different approaches to team rankings (namely, Top 25 polls)
3) Different approaches to ranking conferences
4) The Big Ten Network - what the real issues are (and why they aren't the ones being discussed)
5) Expanding The Tournament, creating more tournaments, and expanding conference tournaments.... or not?

I won't necessarily write about them in that order, but those are five issues that I think are fundamental to college basketball discussions. I also am very open to other ideas that others would like to discuss. At this point I'd like to open up the floor. Let's "explore the canvas."

So, what would you like to talk about?

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