Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's Coming Up Tonight

As usual, there will be a number of game recaps this evening. There are a ton of important games today, some already completed, and you can expect that I'll start having some recaps by the early evening at the latest. Certainly if you check back just before midnight there will be quite a few posts already up.

And of course, right after the final Tournament-relevant games of the night are completed you will see the new BP65. As this is the first BP65 after January 15th, it will be the first where I expand to list all teams with even the slightest chance at the Tournament. No team that is not listed tonight has any plausible chance at an at-large bid. As always, this means that there will be some teams listed that seem to have microscopically small odds, but who would have thought on January 15th, 2008 that Kentucky would make the Tournament? Teams will be eliminated each week as the number of potential at-large teams shrinks with each new game played. If I'm not as liberal in selecting teams for the list tonight then I run the risk of a team getting into at-large contention that I don't have on one of my "other teams considered" lists.

Finally, it does seem like the BasketballPredictions curse is beginning to rival the Sports Illustrated cover jinx in both potency and frequency. As I correctly predicted this morning, my praise for Northeastern locked them into an upset at the hands of Hofstra earlier this afternoon. Like Bill Simmons, I should start auctioning off my praise of teams to fans of their opponents.

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