Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's That Time Of Year

While some schools take the "student" part of student-athlete more seriously than others, most kids are spending this time of the year taking final exams. So we're in that purgatory between the great early season tournaments and regular season conference play. It's a bit of a down time in the college basketball season.

That said, there are still some good games coming up this weekend. And I do still want to talk about those three good wins by Atlantic Ten teams on Sunday. So there will be plenty to talk about.

There's not much going on tonight: I expect Saint Mary's to easily dispatch of Portland State, and it's almost gotten depressing trying to follow UCLA (they play New Mexico State).

There are a couple of interesting games tomorrow: I'd put Central Florida vs South Florida at the top, because those are two teams off to good starts that have yet to prove much against good competition. One of those teams is going to be feeling really good about itself after a win tomorrow night. East Carolina could potentially cause troubles for Clemson at home. UTEP could potentially throw its hat into the at-large discussions if they can win at an overrated Ole Miss team. And Richmond vs South Carolina is one other match-up between potential bubble teams.

It doesn't quite compare with Texas/UNC or Gonzaga/Duke on Saturday, but it's enough to get us through the week.

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