Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Conference Previews Coming

Over the next three weeks I will be rolling out my 2012-13 conference previews. The process will be similar to last season. You can see last season's previews here to get an idea of what is coming.

I have started working on my 2012-13 conference previews. At this point I'm still in the information gathering phase, but I do hope to have the first conference previews posted this weekend. There are a lot of conference shifts, a lot of transfers, redshirts and recruits to keep track of. I'll try my best to take them all into account, but every year I end up missing a couple, so I do appreciate it when my readers let me know if I missed a player. Probably the most common error that I make is that I think a guy has graduated when in fact the NCAA has awarded them another year of eligibility.

Of course on Thursday I'll be back again to preview the Sweet 16 games and to set up an open thread to talk about the Tournament games. But in addition to that, do keep an eye out for my conference previews.

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