Sunday, March 03, 2013

Complete 2013 Conference Tournament Previews

It's that time of year again... can you believe how quickly the regular season went?

To get you ready for conference tournaments, here is my annual conference tournament preview post. Below there is a full calendar of events for the conference tournaments, and below that are my previews of each conference tournament. Because I want to wait until the brackets are set before previewing the conference, those conference previews are going to come in pieces. So if you are reading this post early in the conference tournament calendar, expect to see some conferences with posted previews, and other conferences without.

In these previews, I'll talk about who I think the favorites are, which teams I think got lucky/unlucky draws, and whether there are any bubble teams in action and what they'll need to do.

To begin, here is the calendar:

Tuesday, March 5th:
First Round: Big South, Horizon

Wednesday, March 6th:
Quarterfinals: Atlantic Sun, NEC, Patriot
First Round: OVC, WCC

Thursday, March 7th:
Quarterfinals: Atlantic Sun, Big South, OVC
Second Round: WCC
First Round: America East, Missouri Valley

Friday, March 8th:
Semifinals: Atlantic Sun, OVC
Quarterfinals: Horizon, Missouri Valley, WCC
First Round: MAAC, SoCon, Sun Belt

Saturday, March 9th:
Championship: Atlantic Sun, OVC
Semifinals: Big South, Horizon, Missouri Valley, NEC, Patriot, WCC
Quarterfinals: America East, Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, Summit, Sun Belt

Sunday, March 10th:
Championship: Big South, Missouri Valley
Semifinals: America East, Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, Sun Belt
Quarterfinals: Summit

Monday, March 11th:
Championship: Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, Sun Belt, WCC
Semifinals: Summit
First Round: MEAC, MAC

Tuesday, March 12th:
Championship: Horizon, NEC, Summit
First Round: Big East, MEAC, Mountain West, WAC

Wednesday, March 13th:
Championship: Patriot
Quarterfinals: MEAC, Mountain West, SWAC
Second Round: Big East, MAC
First Round: Big 12, Conference USA, Pac-12, SEC, Southland

Thursday, March 14th:
Quarterfinals: Big East, Big Sky, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Pac-12, Southland, SWAC, WAC
Second Round: SEC
First Round: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten

Friday, March 15th:
Semifinals: Big East, Big Sky, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, Southland, SWAC, WAC
Quarterfinals: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Saturday, March 16th:
Championship: America East, Big East, Big Sky, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, Southland, SWAC, WAC
Semifinals: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Sunday, March 17th:
Championship: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Conference Tournament Previews:

America East
Atlantic Sun
Atlantic Ten
Big East
Big Sky
Big South
Big Ten
Big 12
Big West
Conference USA
Missouri Valley
Mountain West
Patriot League
Sun Belt

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