Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alex Tyus: Can I Come Back?

Alex Tyus made an about face and is now saying he won't transfer. In other words, disregard the last paragraph of this post. I had said that the loss of Tyus drops Florida to around an 8-10 seed and that a loss of Nick Calathes would drop them out of the Tournament altogether. The return of Alex Tyus (assuming he doesn't change his mind again) leads me to believe that Florida will be back in the Tournament next season whether or not Calathes stays in the Draft.

If Calathes returns then Florida can potentially make a run at the SEC title (although Tennessee and maybe even Mississippi State also think that they can seriously challenge Kentucky). Without Calathes they won't finish higher than 3rd in the SEC East. But at least the return of Alex Tyus should ease the stress of Florida fans watching so many players transfer out and jump into the Draft, and should assure them of a trip back to the Tournament for the first time since their last National Title.

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