Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Post-NBA Draft BP65

This BP65 will account for final entries to, and exits from the NBA draft. The major changes should be obvious (Florida benefitting from the returning of their starting five, Memphis losing its two stars, etc.) The conference previews won't be adjusted, but you can go through the BP65 and reconstruct them easily. The next BP65 will come some time after Midnight Madness:

1. North Carolina
1. Kansas
1. Ohio State
1. Florida

2. Duke
2. Texas
2. LSU

3. Villanova
3. Arizona
3. Georgetown
3. Wisconsin

4. Tennessee
4. UConn
4. Louisville
4. Alabama

5. Virginia
5. California
5. Boston College
5. Michigan

6. Syracuse
6. Kentucky
6. Pittsburgh
6. Texas A&M

7. Washington
7. Texas Tech
7. Southern Illinois
7. Georgia Tech

8. Memphis
8. Arkansas
8. Maryland
8. Hofstra

9. Stanford
9. Air Force
9. Iowa
9. Oklahoma State

10. Michigan State
10. Wichita State
10. Nevada
10. Indiana

11. UAB
11. Gonzaga
11. Florida State
11. Charlotte

12. Notre Dame
12. BYU
12. Akron
12. Missouri State

13. Butler
13. Bucknell
13. Montana
13. Penn

14. Western Kentucky
14. Marist
14. Winthrop
14. Belmont

15. Long Beach State
15. Furman
15. Albany
15. Sam Houston State

16. Jackson State
16. Stamford
16. Robert Morris
16. Delaware State

Complete Listings of Conference Previews

We're back, just a few days after the NBA Draft. I know that a lot of the conference previews are not immediately accessible from the front page, so they're all being listed here. In response to a lot of the criticisms this site has gotten - please look at the dates on the previews. I have made it clear which players I assumed were staying or leaving to the NBA. Much of it was correct, but some was wrong. If the previews says that someone was going to go pro and they didn't (Joakin Noah, for example) then simply take that into account when reading the preview. The entire set of conference previews will not be rewritten but the BP65 will be adjusted in the next few days accordingly.

For now, here's a listing of all of the conference previews. As always, they are only current up to the date of their posting:

America East
Atlantic 10
Atlantic Sun
Big East
Big Sky
Big South
Big 10
Big 12
Big West
Conference USA
Ivy League
Missouri Valley
Mountain West
Ohio Valley
Patriot League
Southern Conference
Sun Belt