Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Posting Soon

I'm still out of town and struggling with very intermittent internet access, which is why I haven't yet commented on any of the regular season games played so far, or Indiana's Cody Zeller signing for that matter. I did actually get a chance to watch most of the Texas vs La Tech game last night, so I'll have extended thoughts on that one. One quick thought: it's great to see Dogus Balbay back at full strength, but Texas looks very rough when he's not on the floor directing things. He continues to be the only thing protecting Texas from the classic Rick Barness "everybody try to take your man one-on-one" offense. It continues to fascinate me that none of the television or internet analysts point out that Balbay's season-ending injury last season was the singular event that correlated with their death spiral. There's no question that his continued health will be the key to any kind of Big 12 title run.

But like I said, I'll have further thoughts on the game in a future post.

I hope to have another post later today, but if not I will certainly have multiple posts tomorrow evening after I get back home.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Diego, i am mexican and i like the sports. I think this page is it excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff, i am Diego, i don´t speak english very good. But i will try to do my best. I think that you are an excellent predictor. You was right, texas it´s a very good team. But ¿what happened with varez ward?

Jeff said...

Varez Ward transferred out to be closer to his ill mother. Given the depth Texas has at the guard position it's not really a problem for this season. Texas will probably miss him more next season, assuming NBA defections.