Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Morning News: Tom Izzo's Accordion, Tyler Haws' Ankle, North Florida's Technical, And Gary Payton(s) Triple Double(s)


It's a quiet night of hoops, which is why Tom Izzo playing the accordion is leading off the post. Just a little bit of news to get to:

Clarity On Tyler Haws The timetable still seems a little vague on Tyler Haws, but it does seem like he will likely miss close to two weeks. It's certainly bad timing for this, with home games against Stanford, UMass and Gonzaga coming up next. The real test will be if he can make it on the court for that Gonzaga game, on December 27th. That's a game they really need to win if they're going to make a compelling at-large case. They still don't have a win against a likely RPI Top 50 opponent.

North Florida Loses In Creative Fashion Somebody on North Florida dunked the ball during the final 20 minutes of warmups, which is a technical foul. It's an obscure rule, but it does seem to happen a few times during each season. Tennessee Tech hit both free throws, and then won the game by two points. Now, blaming a two point loss on those two free throws is a bit of a stretch, since obviously the game is played differently based on what the score is. But that said, whoever was the guy who dunked the ball has got to be feeling pretty stupid right now.

Gary Payton(s) Triple Doubles(s) Two players in Oregon State have recorded triple doubles. Gary Payton did it in 1988, and his son Gary Payton II did it last night.  Gary Payton II, of course, has been the biggest roster addition to Oregon State this season, joining new head coach Wayne Tinkle, who I believe is a significant upgrade over Craig Robinson. Don't expect Oregon State anywhere near the Tournament bubble this season, but the program does appear to be trending in the right direction.

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