Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tasty Appetizer

For those looking to get excited for the new season (it's hard to concentrate on basketball with football dominating the college landscape right now), try a few of these tasty videos of top incoming freshmen from around the country:

I don't know if all of the hype about this year's incoming class will turn out to be true. People tend to have short memories, and draft and recruiting classes tend to be called "one of the best ever" far too often. But certainly the Kevin Love/OJ Mayo rivalry will be huge if for nothing else than the racial aspects. As for other stars, we'll have to wait to see who shows up and who busts. It's rare that the hyped players in preseason end up dominating (like last year, with Durant and Oden). Expect some freshmen to come out of the woodworks to star this coming winter.

Whatever happens, I can't wait to find out. And if you're reading college basketball blogs in September, my guess is that you feel the same way.

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