Thursday, October 21, 2010

UVA's Sammy Zeglinski Will Be Out 8 Weeks

Sammy Zeglinski has had his surgery, and they're now saying that he will be out for eight weeks. I talked about the Zeglinski injury just a few days ago, and you can see my thoughts here.

Obviously, losing Zeglinski makes Virginia not as good of a team. They'll probably lose an extra out-of-conference game or two. But as I said in the afore-linked post, Virginia fans really shouldn't worry about that. They are not going to go to the postseason this year anyway. And having Zeglinski out will allow Tony Bennett more flexibility to work in his freshmen, particularly point guard Billy Baron, who was going to be stuck behind Zeglinski on the depth chart.

Tony Bennett completely blew up the team, and his very deep 2010 recruiting class is going to be the base for the team going forward. With Zeglinski out it will be easier for him to see what his freshmen have, and he'll have Zeglinski back in time for them to try to win some ACC games, where they will be fighting to not finish in last place.

If you're not trying to build an at-large resume, and Virginia is not, then out-of-conference games are first and foremost about developing your team. If they lose an extra game or two, but discover that Billy Baron stars with his extended playing time, then the Zeglinski injury will ironically do more good than harm for Virginia's future.

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