Monday, December 11, 2006

Is Anyone That Surprised?

Texas 76, #11 LSU 75
Honestly, did nobody see this coming? Just click on the "Bracket Project" link on the right of the page to see some people who actually have predicted that Texas won't make the Tournament at all. I've been consistently putting the Longhorns as one of the top seeds in the Tournament, because they just have too much talent. In a lot of ways, they're a lot like Kansas. On any night they can stink up the joint and lose to anyone. But on a good night they can play with anyone. Even an outstanding LSU team. I still think Texas is the second best team in the Big 12, and that they'll beat A&M when push comes to shove. As for LSU, they just need to regroup, with a big matchup at Washington coming in a little more than a week.

Boston College 73, #22 Maryland 62
Boston College just has too much talent to struggle so much, and they proved it against an unsuspecting Maryland team. Now, Boston College has had a bad habit of underperforming their talent level under Al Skinner, but this was clearly a game where the athletes played to their potential. As for Maryland, the silver lining is another good game out of junior James Gist (17 points and 10 boards). For a player that almost no one heard of before this year (only 8 points in 22 minutes per game last year) he's looking like he's really excelling in the extended playing time that he's gotten this year.

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