Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Posting Etiquette

I just want to make a full post addressing this: I want to keep this blog clean. So, no cursing, and no ad hominem attacks. Calling someone an "idiot" doesn't serve anyone any good. I understand that fans are always optimistic in regards of the team that they root for, and that's good, but at the very least we should debate it in a reasoned way. I encourage criticism, but if comments go too far in a personal nature I will be forced to delete them.

Moving onto more pleasant business, some recent games to discuss:

Miami (Fl) 90, #24 Georgia Tech 82
More of a bad loss for Tech than a good win for the Canes. Miami has struggled this year, and is far from thinking about an at-large bid right now. The Yellow Jackets, on the other hand, had established a good resume up to this point. Tech still has the out-of-conference resume that they need. But they'd better win atleast 9 ACC games to feel good about a bid, or even more if they want a decent seed.

Florida St 70, #4 Florida 66
A huge win for a Seminole team looking for a win after flat performances against Pitt and Wisconsin. Florida State was one of the first teams out of the tournament this year, so they know as well as anyone how important a win like this will be in March. As for Florida, they still feel unsure of themselves as they get prepared to defend their title. The full team should be back together and healthy soon, and there's certainly no reason to panic in Gainesville.

#12 Wisconsin 82, Winthrop 79 OT
Wintrhop is built like the ideal bracket-buster. They don't have the size or athleticism of a top team, but they press for 40 minutes and hit 3-pointers at an amazing rate - the ideal formula for an overmatched mid-major. Two stats from this game that I found amazing: Both teams took 25 three-pointers, but Wisconsin made six while Winthrop made 15. Meanwhile, Wisconsin had more offensive rebounds (18) than Winthrop had total rebounds (17). Crazy game. I don't think anyone wants to play Winthrop right now.

Northern Iowa 57, Iowa 55
An important game for both teams. Northern Iowa has looked very tough early on this season, and definitely seems headed back to the Tournament. Iowa, meanwhile, has really struggled early on. The Big 10 is down this year, so Iowa probably needs to finish in the top four of the conference standings to feel good about a tournament bid. Amazingly, I think we can say the same thing for Nothern Iowa in the Missouri Valley. What has college basketball come to?

#11 LSU 64, #6 Texas A&M 52
Big Baby is back! 24 and 10 for the big fella, and the Tigers are looking like they're getting back into form. Texas A&M feels like they missed an opportunity, of course, but it's no shame to lose a game at one of the top teams in the nation. The Aggies struggled from the field, and they'll have better days. They're still among the best teams in the nation.

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