Sunday, July 12, 2009

Very Early 2010-11 Previews

I'm going to try these 2010-11 "Very Early" Previews, and we'll see if people like them. In some sense they're a bit silly because there are so many uncertainties, but I am not going to be actually ranking teams or predicting conference champs a year ahead. What I'm going to be talking about will be general issues: who is graduating, who will be back, who is being recruited, and who does each team need to sign.

Why am I going through this effort? I'll admit that it's mostly selfish. For one, it will make my real 2010-11 Previews (which will not be written until April of 2010) easier to put together. It will also help keep me sane. For those who don't know about the economics of blogs, I can assure you that I don't make much money off of this site - I have a real job that pays the bills. This site is a hobby of mine, and it will be good to keep active during the dead time of the college basketball season (the July-through-September period).

That said, I have also been told by several readers that they like that I keep this site going throughout the full year. There isn't much to talk about this time of year without going into gossip stories, which I hate to do. So hopefully this will keep folks interested. And I do think this will - I'm sure fans will come in to tell me what mistakes I've made.

I am not going to go through all of the conferences, of course. Right now my goal is to do the six BCS conferences. Please note that in all of the "Very Early" Previews, the teams are not ordered by any kind of ranking - they are just ordered in the same way they are in the 2009-10 previews. All conferences that have been completed will be listed below:

Big East
Big Ten
Big 12


Anonymous said...

When are you going to post a very early 2010-11 preview for the Big 10?

Jeff said...

I'm already working on it. But I haven't gotten far because I've been busy with work. I hope to have it up within the next week or so, before I go away on vacation.

Anonymous said...

If mississippi state gets Ranardo Sidney to come back next year watch out. Here is how we will line up sindey can play at any position on the court can bring the ball up the court play on the inside and shoot the three. we will lose Barry Stewart and Jarvis Varnardo, but we have wendell Lewis who is going to mature into a great inside player, Kodi agustus that can also play inside and shoot the three. Dee Bost who is a good point gaurd. Ravurn johnson who leads the conference in threes, and you also have the same thing in Romero Osby, oh ya did i forget one of our defensive specialists Phil Turner. So with all that being said I think that is a pretty good resume for being a great team and an awesome recipe for success.