Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, Fine.

#15 Marquette 87, Texas Tech 72

I'll give in. Marquette is better than I thought they were. They're exceedingly young, but they're obviously talented enough to overcome that youth. I still think they're over-ranked, but they've earned a spot in next week's BP65. I've been a bit rough on them this year, and I'll ease up. On the other hand, what does this loss mean for Texas Tech? They still have yet to beat a good team, so only time will tell if they're as improved this year as many had expected.

Old Dominion 75, #8 Georgetown 62
Old Dominion isn't a slouch, but they're not UConn either. Georgetown fell asleep at the end of this game, when they weren't winning by much to begin with. They reap what they sow. Georgetown is young, but not young enough for this to be excused. They'll need to improve their consistency if they want to go beyond the Sweet 16 this year. For the Hoya fans, just remember that JT III is a good coach, so there's no reason to think the Hoyas won't be just fine when all is said and done.

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