Sunday, November 19, 2006

W-16 BP65

Throughout the year, a new BP65 will be out each Sunday. During the last week before Selection Sunday there will be more than one BP65. The big key this early in the season is counting the weeks correctly. Someone please let me know if I've counted wrong, and there are actually not 16 weeks left until Selection Sunday. Moving on, a few teams have moved. Gonzaga looked very impressive this week and will move up. Same for Vermont (who become the new favorites to win the America East) and Winthrop. Here we go:

1. North Carolina
1. Florida
1. LSU

2. Ohio State
2. Duke
2. Georgetown
2. Arizona

3. Kansas
3. Wisconsin
3. Texas
3. Villanova

4. UConn
4. Alabama
4. Louisville
4. Kentucky

5. Pittsburgh
5. Tennessee
5. Boston College
5. Syracuse

6. Texas A&M
6. California
6. Virginia
6. Memphis

7. Washington
7. Nevada
7. Gonzaga
7. Maryland

8. Southern Illinois
8. Texas Tech
8. Michigan State
8. Stanford

9. Georgia Tech
9. Arkansas
9. Michigan
9. Creighton

10. UAB
10. Air Force
10. Notre Dame
10. Oklahoma State

11. Iowa
11. Hofstra
11. Charlotte
11. Xavier

12. Florida State
12. Wichita State
12. BYU
12. Butler

13. Akron
13. Winthrop
13. Bucknell
13. Montana

14. Vermont
14. Penn
14. Marist
14. Western Kentucky

15. Belmont
15. Long Beach State
15. Furman
15. Sam Houston State

16. Jackson State
16. Stamford
16. Robert Morris
16. Delaware State


Matt & Tony said...

Good stuff. I flip-flopped on IUPUI, I think Oral Roberts is better. And as much as I hate to admit it, Pitt probably belongs in the top 2 seeds somewhere. They've got a really solid perimeter game, and even if that fails them they can rely on 7'0" Gray down low.

Dennis said...

Is this based on what you think will happen ro how things look as of right now and not looking ahead the the upcoming schedule?

Jeff said...

Dennis, this is always based on what will happen in the future. That's a difference between this website and other prediction sites. In my mind, it's irrelevant to think about where you'd seed Ohio State without Greg Oden, since we know he'll play plenty before the actual bracket is filled. Good teams are designed to peak in March, and with study of the past we can fairly well determine which teams will do the best peaking.

Dennis said...

Thanks for the info. Glad I found this, looks like a good blog.