Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thank Goodness for Preseason Tournaments

Otherwise, we'd have far, far fewer of these excellent matchups. I'm watching Kentucky/UCLA right now, and any true basketball fan needs a pretty good reason to not watch the North Carolina/Gonzaga game tomorrow. Plenty of other good games that I'll get to when they finish. For now, some results from earlier today:

#19 Georgia Tech 92, #11 Memphis 85
Very, very good early season win by Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are another one of my sleeper teams, and they're already proving that they belong at the top of what is looking like a very strong ACC. You know that Memphis is always going to score their points, and Georgia Tech showed a lot of ability in running with them in the 2nd half and simply outscoring the Tigers.

Air Force 67, Texas Tech 53

A second straight poor performance for the Red Raiders. They had a tough day from the field, and that happens to everyone, but Tech showed immaturity in pressing and forcing shots when the chips weren't falling their way. Other than Jarrius Jackson, the rest of the team shot 34%. They'll have better days.

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