Monday, March 30, 2009

2009-10 Previews Coming

I just want to give everybody a heads up on what is coming over the next two weeks. The main thrust will be the 2009-10 previews. As always, I'll have a preview for every single conference, starting from the smaller conferences and working towards the bigger conferences. The last six previews will be the SEC, Pac-10, Big 12, Big Ten, Big East and ACC, respectively. After the ACC preview will be the Preseason BP65, looking ahead to Selection Sunday 2010.

As always, I promise to have all of the previews up within one week of the National Championship game, which means that every single preview and the Preseason BP65 will all be up by two weeks from today. And if you're wondering if I already have my 1 seeds figured out, the answer is no. I still haven't done enough research on the incoming recruiting classes, or on the NBA defections. Besides, I still have two weeks to work it out.

After the previews are done, I'll probably speak a little bit about other issues around the nation, such as the Seth Curry transfer and the Kentucky coaching situation. It's remarkable to me that after the way that Kentucky treated Billy Gillispie that John Calipari might come there and bring his top recruits with him. It would be like Tony Dungy wanting to move to the Oakland Raiders after what Al Davis did to Lane Kiffin. But I'll talk more about this later. The previews are coming first, and you should expect the first few to come out this weekend.

Also, let me know how your brackets went. I hope my advice helped you. I entered two pools, both with about 25-30 people in them, and will likely win both of them. This despite the fact that I actually did a pretty poor job of picking Sweet Sixteen teams. It turned out the key was my Final Four: I had North Carolina beating Duke and UConn beating Michigan State, with UNC beating UConn in the Championship game. Let me know either through comment or e-mail how your own pool went. I'd love to know if my advice helped you win yours.

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