Friday, May 01, 2009

A Few More In The Draft

It turns out that I was a bit premature with this blog post, as a few other players snuck their names into the NBA Draft at the last moment. Many of these kids just didn't get any national media attention because they haven't got a chance at being drafted. The thing is that if you're a Junior and haven't already declared for the Draft in the past then there isn't much to lose. So a bunch of these kids just want to go and see how they compare against some of the other best players in the nation. At the very least they're getting the attention of agents who might want to someday sign them to some European team. None of these players are among those I expected to go pro in my 2009-10 previews, so if any of them do choose to not come back to school then their teams will drop in my projections. Here is the list of kids that I missed before:

Darion Anderson, Northern Illinois
Ryan Anderson, Nebraska
Kareem Cooper, UTEP
Kenneth Cooper, Louisiana Tech
Jonathan Gibson, New Mexico State
Roger Guignard, UT-Arlington
Darnell Lindsay, Tennessee Tech
Dior Lowhorn, San Francisco
D.J. Rivera, Binghamton
Terrence Roderick, UAB
Magnum Rolle, Louisiana Tech
Junior Salters, Wofford

As you can tell, basically all of these kids come from smaller schools, which is why there weren't any press releases on any websites that I visit with these kids talking about entering the Draft process. But at this point I think I've got everybody listed.

For the record, I'm not including early entrants from community colleges or any other school that isn't in Division I. Also, I'm ignoring foreigners declaring early. My point isn't to have an exhaustive list of all players who might get drafted, because this isn't an NBA website. I simply want to see how the NBA Draft affects Division I basketball next season.

If I've somehow still missed an early entrant from Division I on both this blog post and the other blog post, please let me know either by posting a comment or e-mailing me. But hopefully I've finally got everybody listed.

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