Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Quasi-Football Posts Coming

As in years past, I'll have a few posts during the college football season that somewhat relate to college football... and somewhat to college basketball. Generally when issues come up that I like to talk about, I'll talk about them while relating them to both college football and basketball.

Some examples from years past:

Why Appalachian State's win over Michigan wasn't as big of an upset as people thought... and why people often make the same mistakes when analyzing college basketball upsets.

How to rank conferences. Interestingly enough, ranking conferences is extremely difficult and extremely pointless for college football, because of the small sample sizes and the very unbalanced schedules, but nonetheless conference ranking is actually discussed more during college football season than college basketball season. I analyzed how many people misunderstand what ranking a conference means, and how they then misapply their results.

The need for perspective, which is so lacking early in the college football season, and which is also necessary in greater quantities early in the college basketball season.

Settling the Texas/Oklahoma BCS issue from last football season: why so much of the analysis is factually wrong and illogical, and discussing why it is that strength of schedule has become so important in college basketball and yet is still ignored in college football.

I'll be back with a few more posts in the near future. Remember: the college football season starts up in just four days. There are only about 6-7 weeks until Midnight Madness, and only about two months until exhibition games begin.

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