Monday, April 19, 2010

Fred Hill Finally Gone From Rutgers

I spoke earlier this evening about how Rutgers was killing themselves by dragging out the Fred Hill firing, and they have now finally completed their settlement so Hill has resigned. The first question for Rutgers now is convincing a halfway decent coach to go there, and there are some decent unemployed coaches: Bobby Gonzalez, Ernie Kent, Todd Lickliter and Al Skinner are among the quality coaches who are available. Gonzalez would probably be particularly interesting because of his experience coaching in the Big East and in the New York metropolitan area. Of course, you never know which coaches will actually want to take the Rutgers job considering how much trouble St. John's just went through finding a coach and the fact that the Johnnies job is a better one than the Rutgers job right now.

Whoever the new coach is will have to scramble to try to find some players for next season, but the real focus has to be the 2011 class. There is nobody that Rutgers will be able to sign who will be able to make them anything better than 15th place in the Big East in 2010-11, and they'll probably just get some Jucos or lower level high school recruits to fill out the roster. They're going to be starting from scratch, and putting together quality recruiting classes beginning with the 2011 class has to be the focus.

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