Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Mexico State Loses Young To Draft

New Mexico State's Jahmar Young is reportedly leaving for the Draft. This would have been a surprise if you'd told me about this last week, because almost nobody is projecting him to get drafted, but things changed this past week when he was arrested for assaulting a peace officer. Young has been arrested multiple times since being at New Mexico State, and now that he's being charged with a felony he could be in really big trouble. It's very possible that New Mexico State might not have allowed him back even if he wanted to come back. It's too bad, because he has so much natural talent. He was far and away the star of this year's New Mexico State team, which made the Tournament on the back of 20.3 points per game. He was no volume scorer, either, hitting 51% on two pointers, 37% on three pointers, and 84% at the line.

New Mexico State was primed to be even better next season than they were this past season. When I was putting together my preseason Field of 65 they were one of the first teams I left out of the bracket, and I put them right on the bubble. With Young gone they are obviously no longer a bubble team.

One team that benefits from this? Utah State. They are now the very heavy favorites to dominate the WAC. It was a nervous Selection Sunday for them last month after they got knocked out in the WAC tournament by New Mexico State. They're looking to avoid that stress this coming season.

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