Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greg Monroe Declares For The NBA

After Georgetown was knocked out of the NCAA Tournament by Ohio, their star, Greg Monroe, insisted that he'd be back for another season. You're never supposed to believe what people say right after the season ends, but the way that he insisted made me believe him, and I made Georgetown the favorite to win the Big East and to earn a 1 seed. Turns out that once he had some more time to think about it he changed his mind, as he's now going into the NBA Draft.

Monroe is a supremely talented and unique player. Not only is he very athletic, but he's a great passer. When Georgetown fed him the ball and he was aggressive the Hoyas were one of the best teams in the country this past season, and were just going to be even better with another year of seasoning. The loss of Monroe obviously means Georgetown will no longer be the favorite in the Big East. There's a good chance that the Big East won't have any elite teams next season, although the media hype usually assures the Big East at least a single 1 seed. To me, the favorite to take the title is now Pittsburgh. Other possible contenders are Syracuse and Villanova. West Virginia and Georgetown are long shots.

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