Sunday, February 27, 2011

Complete 2011 Conference Tournament Previews

As promised, here is a calendar and my previews for the 2011 conference tournaments. The previews will be done over the next week, because ideally I will be able to wait for each conference's regular season to end before previewing its postseason tournament. So stay tuned. The links at the bottom with the conference previews will go live as soon as those previews are published.

First, the calendar. This is a guide so that you can check back each day to see which conference tournaments will be playing, and how far into the tournament each conference is. Here is that listing:

Tuesday, March 1st:
Quarterfinals: Big South
First Round: Horizon

Wednesday, March 2nd:
Quarterfinals: Atlantic Sun, Patriot
First Round: OVC

Thursday, March 3rd:
Semifinals: Big South
Quarterfinals: Atlantic Sun, OVC
First Round: America East, Missouri Valley, NEC

Friday, March 4th:
Semifinals: Atlantic Sun, OVC
Quarterfinals: Horizon, Missouri Valley
First Round: Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, WCC

Saturday, March 5th:
Championship: Atlantic Sun, Big South, OVC
Semifinals: Horizon, Missouri Valley
Quarterfinals: America East, Big Sky, Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, Summit, WCC
First Round: Sun Belt

Sunday, March 6th:
Championship:, Missouri Valley
Semifinals: America East, Colonial, MAAC, NEC, Patriot, SoCon, WCC
Quarterfinals: Summit, Sun Belt

Monday, March 7th:
Championship: Colonial, MAAC, SoCon, WCC
Semifinals: Summit, Sun Belt

Tuesday, March 8th:
Championship: Horizon, Summit, Sun Belt
Semifinals: Big Sky
First Round: Atlantic Ten, Big East, MAC, MEAC

Wednesday, March 9th:
Championship: Big Sky, NEC
Quarterfinals: MEAC, Southland, SWAC
Second Round: Big East
First Round: Big 12, Conference USA, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-10, WAC

Thursday, March 10th:
Semifinals: Southland
Quarterfinals: Big East, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-10, SWAC, WAC
First Round: ACC, Big Ten, SEC

Friday, March 11th:
Championship: Patriot
Semifinals: Big East, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-10, SWAC, WAC
Quarterfinals: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Saturday, March 12th:
Championship: America East, Big East, Big 12, Big West, Conference USA, MAC, MEAC, Mountain West, Pac-10, Southland, SWAC, WAC
Semifinals: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Sunday, March 13th:
Championship: ACC, Atlantic Ten, Big Ten, SEC

Conference Tournament Previews:
America East
Atlantic Sun
Atlantic Ten
Big East
Big Sky
Big South
Big Ten
Big 12
Big West
Conference USA
Missouri Valley
Mountain West
Ohio Valley
Patriot League
Sun Belt

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