Saturday, January 17, 2015

Morning News: SMU Notice Of Allegations, Kuran Iverson And Marcus Marshall

Siena's Willem Brandwijk took down the hoop in pregame warmups.

A very light night of games means that we have a very short Morning News post this morning. But have no fear, because tomorrow's will be very long. We've got a great day of basketball ahead:

SMU Receives Notice Of Allegations This seemed inevitable, honestly. SMU knew what they were getting into with Larry Brown, who has never stayed anywhere long and left his two previous college programs saddled with NCAA violations. At this early stage it's impossible to know precisely what SMU is being accused of, though one would guess that Keith Frazier (who has had a history of academic issues and was just recently suspended for the season over academics) is at least partially involved. But if there is a serious punishment that comes out of this, well, SMU will have gambled and lost.

Kuran Iverson Leaving Memphis Iverson had already been suspended from the team, and now he's leaving the program altogether.  The big man was physically talented, but between foul trouble and off-the-court trouble hadn't been able to get too many minutes. As he wasn't a big contributor, this isn't a big loss for Memphis in itself, but it's just one more thing to go wrong for a program that has gone downhill pretty steeply over the past few years. Josh Pastner is certainly feeling the heat from fans and the media, and it wouldn't be stunning if he's actually fired at the end of the season.

Marcus Marshall Leaves Missouri State Marshall was the dominant scorer for Missouri State this season. He was averaging 19.5 points per game when none of his teammates were even in double digits. Missouri State was unlikely to finish better than the middle of the pack in the Missouri Valley, but they were a young team that primed to be better next season. Instead, Marshall will be using his two final seasons of eligibility somewhere else.

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