Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014-15 Conference Previews

This post will contain, below, links to all of my 2014-15 conference previews. It will be pinned to the upper right corner of this page, so it can be easily referenced.

At the time this post is initially going live, most of the conferences below are not filled in yet. They will get filled over time. All of these previews, as well as my preseason BP68, should all be posted by April 14th at the latest. So stay tuned.

Anyway, here are a few notes:


1) Computer ratings are all through Selection Sunday. They include all conference tournament action, but do not include any postseason tournament action (NCAA, NIT, CBI or CIT). If you think I made a typo with one of these numbers, please let me know and I'll double check.

2) I try to do my best to include every important graduation, transfer (in and out), recruit, and otherwise returning player (such as players who missed the season with injury). I do a lot of research to try to capture this for well over 100 different teams that I end up breaking down, but in the end I'm inevitably going to miss somebody. So please let me know via comments, e-mails, tweets, etc.

3) As not all decisions about early entry to the NBA Draft are yet known, I inevitably have to make some guesses about some players. I will note that wherever possible in my previews. My next bracket projection will be posted the week of the NBA Draft, and I will make updates to that bracket with unexpected NBA Draft decisions, as well as any other recruit signings and transfers since my April bracket. After that, I'll have another bracket projection the week of Midnight Madness, and then the "W-17 BP68" will be out 17 weeks before Selection Sunday 2015. The cycle begins anew.

4) Leagues are broken down into the six major conferences, the mid-majors and the small conferences. Major conferences get their own blog post while the other leagues have to share. In major conferences I will rank the full league from top to bottom. For mid-majors I list the top several teams (more or less depending on each league). For the smaller conferences I will just pick a champion. Please do not be offended by where your league is placed. In the end, the arbitrary way I organize conferences says nothing about how many teams from that conference I will include in my preseason bracket projection.

5) For the smaller conferences I will include a lot of stats for each player (points per game, eFG%, etc). For the bigger conferences I'm going to assume that my readers know a lot more about who is who, and there will be a lot less of that. For major recruits, I will list their rankings from Scout and Rivals.


If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. But without further ado, here are my complete 2014-15 conference previews:

American Athletic
America East
Atlantic Sun
Atlantic Ten
Big East
Big Sky
Big South
Big Ten
Big 12
Big West
Conference USA
Ivy League
Missouri Valley
Mountain West
Ohio Valley
Patriot League
Sun Belt

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